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Healthcare Hiring Hub

Best practices, tips, customer stories, and product updates for healthcare employers from the Vivian team.

Attracting More Qualified Candidates with Pay Transparency

Learn how pay transparency attracts the right candidates to your organization.

August 2023 Travel Nursing Salary Trends By State

Have travel nursing salaries continued their trend of moderation experienced earlier this summer? Read our latest blog entry to find out.

The Power of Pay Transparency in Healthcare Recruiting

Pay transparency is fast becoming an HR best practice. Explore the latest research findings demonstrating how pay transparency can work for your organization.

July 2023 Travel Nursing Salary Trends By State

Learn where travel nurse wages increased and decreased and about the emergence of a new wage trend.

June 2023 Travel RN Wage Trends by State

Vivian Health examined June 2023 travel RN wages from across the United States. Learn why data suggests the pace of wage declines is slowing.

Highlights from the National Student Nurses Association (NSNA) Survey

Reviews key findings about the graduate nurse job search, choosing their first employer, and workplace stresses.

The Business of Caring: The CNO's Perspective

The Business of Caring describes the inter-professional collaboration required between the CNO and CFO to properly allocate nursing resources.

Dump ADC @ Midnight for Nurse Staffing

Learn a newer, more sophisticated “big data” solution for nurse staffing.

Signaling Theory and Nurse Recruitment

Learn how signaling theory impacts applicant attraction.

Why Do Employees Quit?

Learn about the 4 types of quitters and provides recommendations to mitigate quitting during the recruitment process.

Leaving the Nursing Profession or Position?

Dive into current research data that debunks the media’s assertions about who is leaving their current position versus the profession.

Highlights from the ANF’s Workplace Pulse Survey

Learn highlights from the latest American Nurses Foundation workplace survey.

The End of PHE: An Opportunity for Healthcare Staffing

Travel nurse wages are trending down in 2023. As the Pandemic Health Emergency ends, Vivian explores the challenges for hospitals to fill staff jobs.

May 2023 Travel RN Wage Trends by State

Vivian Health's monthly travel RN wage trends report features month-over-month pay data for all 50 states.

April 2023 Travel RN Wage Trends by State

Find out in which states travel RN wages increased, decreased, or stayed the same each month.

5 Ways Recruiting Gen Z Is Different

Learn how recruiting Gen Z healthcare candidates differs from previous generations and how to tailor recruiting techniques to attract the next generation.

Revitalizing your Employee Assistance Program

To support employee well-being, encourage your workforce to use your EAP.

12-Hour Shifts and Nurse Fatigue

Learn ways to monitor nurse fatigue when scheduling staff.

March 2023 Travel RN Wage Trends by State

Monthly wage trends report detailing in which states healthcare worker pay increased, decreases, or stayed the same.

Leading the Way for APP Recruitment: Volume Versus Value

Read the guide to learn how to boost your APP recruitment process.

Transparency with Recruiter Response Rates

Get all the answers about response rates and new dashboard features.

License Verification Help Desk

Verify RN license status in just one click.

February 2023 Travel RN Wage Trends by State

See which states saw an increase or decrease in healthcare worker pay.

January 2023 Travel RN Wage Trends by State

See which states saw an increase or decrease in healthcare worker pay.

Resource Pools: A Flex to Full-Time Pipeline?

Resource pools could become recruitment programs that health systems can use to convert float staff into full-time roles. Learn how.

The Future of Healthcare Work Report 2023

Learn how healthcare professionals are feeling about the future of their careers in 2023.

Upcoming Changes to NP & PA Scope of Practice

As lawmakers consider bills impacting NPs and/or PAs, it’s essential for recruiters to stay on top of any approved changes slated to go into effect.

Year-in-Review: A Look Back at 2022 Travel Wage Trends

In our year-end healthcare travel wage review, we’ll recap salary fluctuations by month.

December 2022 Travel Wage Trends by State

See how travel wages were impacted in December.

Workforce Optimization: A Conversation with Dr. Therese Fitzpatrick

In this webinar, Dr. Therese Fitzpatrick shares a revolutionary way to approach nurse staffing.

The Business of Caring: A Conversation with Amy Trueblood

Dr. Beth A. Brooks interviews Amy Trueblood, CNO at Oklahoma University Medical Center, to discuss the benefits of the collaborative CNO-CFO model.

The Nursing Graduate Experience: A Conversation with Dr. Elizabeth Speakman

In this webinar, Dr. Elizabeth Speakman shares insights into the nursing graduate experience as a nurse educator.

2023 Healthcare Staffing Predictions

Keep up with some potentially significant changes with these five healthcare staffing predictions for 2023.

5 Tips to Integrate Advanced Practice Providers into Hospitals

As organizations fill Advanced Practice roles, learn how to seamlessly integrate the providers into the hospitals to set them up for success.

November 2022 Travel Wage Trends by State

Travel wages have started to increase around the country. See which states increased in November.

RN & Advanced Practice Turnover Rates and the Hidden Costs

Learn more about hidden costs associated with employee turnover.

October 2022 Travel Wage Trends by State

Learn how travel nurse wages have changed in October.

3 Ways to Address Perm Staffing Challenges

Learn 3 solutions to combat perm hiring challenges.

Product Update: Submit Candidates Faster with Revamped Candidate Profiles

The updated candidate profile and recruiter chat functionality makes it easier for recruiters to connect with candidates more meaningfully and easily.

September 2022 Travel Wage Trends by State

Learn more about travel nurse wage trends in September.

NurseFly is now Vivian Health

Vivian Health, formerly NurseFly, is making healthcare jobs work for all kinds of healthcare professionals and the people who hire them

New Product Feature: Find Quality Candidates More Easily with Vivian VIP

The newly launched Vivian VIP will help recruiters maximize their time by easily identifying which candidates are most responsive.

Submit Candidates Faster with Auto-Generated Resumes

Auto-generated resumes allow recruiters to generate a candidate resume based on their Vivian profile. Learn more about this product update.

Vivian helps IDR Healthcare increase candidate engagement and achieve record year

Looking to grow clinician engagement in your recruiting process? Learn how Vivian helped IDR Healthcare surpass their goals.

Travel Home Health Nurse Salary by State

As the need for home health continues to grow, so too have the need for travel home health RNs. Learn more about travel home health nurse salaries.

How to Achieve a Five-Star Rating with the CMS

With recent changes in the CMS five-star rating methodology, skilled nursing facilities need to supercharge their recruitment strategy. Check out our tips.

August 2022 Travel Wage Trends by State

Stay ahead of the travel nurse wage trends by checking out last month's wages in all 50 states.

Permanent Home Health Nurse Salary by State

As the need for home health nurses continues to rise, learn about perm home health nurse salaries in your state.

2023 State by State Scope of Practice: Physician Assistant

Learn more about current scope of practice by state for Physician Assistants.

July 2022 Travel Wage Trends by State

Find out what travel nurses made in your state during the month of July.

2023 State by State Scope of Practice: Nurse Practitioner

Learn more about current scope of practice by state for Nurse Practitioners.

Recruiting in Home Health: Engaging the Younger Generation

As the home health segment expands to care for patients with varying acuities, there has been a growing need for a younger population of nurses.

June 2022 Travel Wage Trends by State

Although travel wage trends are declining nationwide, travel contracts are still more lucrative. See what travel nurses made in June.

Boosting Advanced Practice Onboarding  & Orientation

With a rising shortage in healthcare professionals, it's crucial for employers to properly equip their providers with the tools to help them succeed.

5 Myths of Home Health

Over the years, the Home Health segment has evolved. It's time to reintroduce the segment and debunk common misconceptions about working in Home Health.

May 2022 Travel Wage Trends by State

The tide has turned with travel wages declining in most states, as hospitals have canceled travel nurse contracts and successfully hired perm staff.

Best Practices for Recruiting Advanced Practice Professionals

Learn more about best practices for recruiting Advanced Practice professionals.

The State of the Healthcare Workforce 2022

Learn how nurses are feeling about their healthcare careers in 2022.

Dallas Perm Wage Trends

Learn more about trends in Dallas perm wages and the future of perm nursing.

Houston Perm Wage Trends

Learn more about Houston perm wage trends and the wage forecast for the remainder of the year.

April 2022 Travel Wage Trends

As the number of COVID cases declined over the past couple of months, so too have healthcare wages in most states.

State of the Healthcare Workforce in Texas

Learn more about the current healthcare climate in Texas and nurse sentiments regarding perm nursing.

State of Healthcare Workforce 2022

It's been two years since the start of COVID-19, and we asked nurses to share how they feel about the state of healthcare and their future outlook.

State of the Healthcare Workforce: Florida

Earlier this year, we conducted a survey on the state of the healthcare workforce. Learn more about our findings in Florida.

Perm Wage Trends in Miami

Learn more about perm nursing and wage trends in Miami.

March 2022 Travel Nursing Wage Trends by State

March marked the first time since February 2021 that all 50 states reported a drop in healthcare pay rates. See how each state stacks up.

24/7 Concierge Service Accelerates Candidate Hiring

In this candidate testimonial, learn the value of Vivian's Clinical Concierge Service in accelerating candidate hiring.

How to future-proof your travel nurse and clinician staffing

Trinity Health is innovating healthcare hiring by creating an in-house resource pool to future-proof travel nurse and clinician staffing.

Product Update: Expedite Your Recruiting Process with Standard Templates

This new product update helps admins and recruiters more communicate with candidates more efficiently.

Inaugural Winners of Great Healthcare Employers Award

Vivian is proud to the announce the winners of its Inaugural Great Healthcare Employers Award.

Inaugural List of Great Healthcare Employers in Miami

Vivian is proud to the announce the winners of its Inaugural Great Healthcare Employers Award in Miami.

Inaugural List of Great Healthcare Employers in Oklahoma City

Vivian is proud to the announce the winners of its Inaugural Great Healthcare Employers Award in Oklahoma City.

Inaugural List of Great Healthcare Employers in Tulsa

Vivian is proud to the announce the winners of its Inaugural Great Healthcare Employers Award in Tulsa.

February 2022 Travel Nursing Wage Trends by State

As COVID-19 cases waned in February, so did healthcare wages. Learn more to see how your state performed this month.

Radical Recruiting Series: Focus on Mobile & Advanced Technology

Learn how healthcare employers can use mobile and advanced technology to enhance their healthcare recruiting efforts and boost retention.

Radical Recruiting Series: Optimal Ways to Leverage Social Media

Knowing how to leverage social media and being proactive on the platforms can serve as a useful tool in successfully recruiting health care professionals.

Radical Recruiting Series: Benefits of Pay Transparency

It's time to radicalize healthcare recruitment. The first step is with pay transparency. Learn more about the benefits of pay transparency.

From the Frontlines: Tackling Racism and Inequity in the Health Workforce

The National Black Nurses Association and Vivian Health outlined three areas in which the healthcare ecosystem can empower Black medical professionals.

What is the best way to source candidates?

Sourcing candidates has become harder and harder in healthcare. Vivian makes it easier to source and hire the best talent.

January 2022 Travel Nursing Wage Trends by State

The combination of staff shortages and rising COVID cases caused many health systems to spend more on healthcare wages. Read on to see wage forecasts for 2022.

2021 Healthcare Wage Trends Year-End Review

2021 wage trends across the country were constantly increasing and decreasing each month. See how each state's wages performed last year.

December 2021 Travel Nursing Wage Trends by State

December marked the first time since April that wage trends indicated more states had decreases in healthcare pay compared to those with increases

It's time for Radical Recruitment Strategies

This webinar shares three radical strategies for recruiting new talent that can meet the current moment, with data to prove their effectiveness.

COVID-19 RN Licensure Changes - July 2020

Due to the national staffing shortage caused by coronavirus some states have waived licensure requirements.

Resource Pools White Paper

Learn more about the benefits of using innovative recruitment technology to address the growing nurse shortage.

Recruitment Needs a Refresh

Learn more about hiring challenges and opportunities for improvement in the future.

How Vivian Health is Helping Staff the Front Lines of COVID-19

Learn all about Vivian Health and all we're doing to help healthcare workers on the frontlines

Finding the Exact Candidates You’re Looking For is Easier than ever with Vivian Health’s Talent Pool

Vivian Health helps you connect with qualified candidates that are actively looking for work and place them in jobs they love.

Connecting With and Keeping Track of All-star Candidates Just Got Easier

Want to connect with qualified candidates and easily move them through the recruitment process? Vivian's Universal Profiles and Chat features can help.

October 2021 Travel Nursing Wage Trends by State

The decline in COVID-19 cases have potentially played a role in fewer states receiving a wage increase, compared to September.

September 2021 Travel Nursing Wage Trends by State

Although health workers continue to grapple with the third wave, the amount of cases have dipped while wages have increased.

November 2021 Travel Nursing Wage Trends by State

Healthcare wages for nurses in continue to trend upwards in most states but wage trends also show that these increases are becoming increasingly smaller

Election 2020: What Issues are Important for Nurses

Learn more about some of the top issues for nurses during the 2020 election.

Anders Group pivots its business and increases recruiter productivity with Vivian Health

See how Vivian helped Anders Group become a stronger organization by increasing recruiter productivity and diversifying its talent pool.

July 2021 Travel Nursing Wage Trends by State

The Delta variant meant that demand for healthcare travel workers increased in most states in July 2021. See where wage rates increased and decreased.

August 2021 Travel Nursing Wage Trends by State

Numerous hospitals continue to be short-staffed and are scrambling to hire more workers, which often translates to higher healthcare wages.

Which hospitals are mandating COVID vaccines for staff?

Hospitals around the nation are issuing mandates for COVID-19 vaccines to their workforce due to the Delta variant.

4 Ways to Improve Home Health Recruitment

Home health agencies need a high volume of HHAs, CNAs, and RNs in order to serve their patients. Learn four ways to reach those professionals.

Win up to $500 in the new "Top Recruiters" program

Earn up to $500 by placing candidates from Vivian. Submit and place candidates for your chance to win!

Free mental health resources for frontline workers

Check out some of these great mental health resources for frontline workers.

Vivian Health empowers ARMStaffing and its recruiters

See how ARMStaffing increased recruiter productivity, gained more visibility for their agency, and expanded their travel division nationally using Vivian Health.

How AHC Staffing streamlined its recruiting process and increased ROI with Vivian

See how AHC Staffing quickly streamlined its recruiting process and increased ROI with Vivian Health. Want to boost recruiter productivity? Vivian Health can help.

What’s it like to be a travel nurse right now? – A June 2020 guide to travel nursing

If you're interested in travel nursing, we discuss what nurses can do to enhance the chances of getting placed at their desired travel position.

REPORT: The Impact of COVID-19 on Healthcare Workers

We surveyed over 1,380 nurses and healthcare professionals about hospital conditions, PPE, preparedness, and more regarding COVID-19.

Your Vivian Health Team is Evolving

At Vivian , we are highly focused on bringing on top talent while giving them the opportunity to grow their careers and impact rapidly.

How Health Systems are Leveraging Technology to Improve Talent Recruitment, Retention, and Their Bottom Lines

Learn how health systems are leveraging technology to improve talent recruitment, retention, and their bottom lines.

Need for nurses in Indiana during pandemic raises their prospects for higher pay

Indiana's rise in cases means there is a need for traveling nurses here in Indiana.

Demand for ICU nurses is up 281% as hot spots surge across the country

With the COVID- 19 cases on the rise, the demand for ICU is surging in hot spots across the country.

How the Pandemic is Changing the Way Healthcare Staffing Agencies Prepare for Crisis

The pandemic has changed staffing worldwide. Learn more about how healthcare staffing agencies is tackling this crisis.

State of the Healthcare Workforce 2021

Learn how nurses are feeling about their profession in 2021.

2020 Healthcare Staffing Study

See key findings from Vivian Health's data center to understand market trends, given the rising demand and competition for qualified staff.

Permanent Staffing White Paper

With more RNs fleeing the healthcare profession, healthcare facilities need a game plan for permanent staffing.

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Best practices, tips, customer stories, and product updates for healthcare employers from the Vivian team.

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