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Inaugural Winners of Great Healthcare Employers Award

Vivian Health is proud to announce its inaugural list of great hospitals and health systems to work for in select metro areas. The results were calculated from the experiences of local healthcare professionals working in these regions.

Top employers were selected based on pay, work-life balance, hospital culture, safe working environments, career progression and quality of managerial leadership. Healthcare employers on the list usually have a combination of these; they find it easier to recruit the best talent and have better talent retention rates.

Being a great healthcare employer is key to being a great provider of care, and we are honored to recognize the excellent hospitals and health systems that are nurturing their workforces in ways that support better patient care through the support of their caregivers. The Pandemic has been a challenge for both hospitals and their workers - our data shows that nearly half of all healthcare workers are considering leaving the profession entirely. Through providing employees with competitive compensation, an ability to learn and grow as a professional, along with better benefits and resources to help manage the demands of healthcare work, these hospital systems are not just top regional employers with strong records on attracting and retaining talent, they are helping unbreak a broken system wrought with rampant nurse burnout and critical staff shortages. With this award, we aim to highlight the hospitals and health systems who continue to go above and beyond to support nurses and healthcare workers.

At Vivian Health, our goal is to make healthcare hiring faster and more cost effective by using technology to more effectively pair healthcare employers with highly relevant clinicians looking for work. Retooling the existing hiring process with transparency and intelligent matching creates efficiency in a process that has historically frustrated both nurses and talent teams. In spreading this mission, we have released our inaugural list of Great Healthcare Employers to highlight and celebrate the employers who are putting in the work to keep their employees happy. Releasing these results is part of Vivian Health’s ethos to provide better transparency on pay and working conditions and be the champion for healthcare workers.

Nationwide over 700,000 clinicians have used Vivian’s marketplace to find both full-time and temporary healthcare career opportunities, and to connect quickly with the most relevant employers.

At Vivian, we are passionate about providing more transparency about what it’s like to work at a hospital or health system, and ultimately make the job search for clinicians much faster and easier than ever before. We strive every day to bring more information to the surface and enable healthcare workers to more easily find their perfect job opportunity.


Great Healthcare Employers in South Florida

Great Healthcare Employers in Oklahoma City

Great Healthcare Employers in Tulsa 

Parth Bhakta

Parth Bhakta

Parth is the CEO & Founder of Vivian Health

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