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Inaugural List of Great Healthcare Employers in Tulsa

Vivian Health is proud to announce its inaugural list of great hospitals and health systems to work for in the Tulsa area. The results were calculated from the experiences of over 2700 local healthcare professionals working in Greater Tulsa who used Vivian Health’s platform as part of their job search.

Healthcare professionals can now discover employment opportunities in Tulsa. 


The Winners:

  • Bailey Medical Center:
    Located in the town of Owasso, Bailey medical center is a physician-owned facility, with over 200 medical professionals and 73 beds, the facility offers a full range of primary and specialty care.

  • Fairfax Community Hospital
    Located an hour from Downtown Tulsa, Fairfax Community
    Hospital diligently serves the needs of rural Oklahomans.Screen Shot 2022-03-24 at 5-43-04 PM-pngIn 2020, the hospital was purchased by Rural Wellness Fairfax, a healthcare investment company with a passion for protecting rural healthcare. The new ownership group has led a turnaround in financial and operational performance, setting up the hospital to serve both patients and workers for decades to come.   


  • Oklahoma Heart Institute (Hillcrest Medical Center)Oklahoma Heart Institute (OHI) is the most comprehensive and premier cardiovascular program in the state. From advanced diagnostic procedures and minimally invasive surgery to open heart surgery and cardiac rehab, OHI combines recognized cardiovascular physicians with the region’s most advanced technology. OHI has been healing hearts for more than 30 years
    through passion, innovation and dedication toward the
    fight against heart disease.
Parth Bhakta

Parth Bhakta

Parth is the CEO & Founder of Vivian Health

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