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Health system saves $4M+ annually through internal travel program

Our client has seen incredible results during their time working with us, and we are so excited to share that story!

December 2021 Healthcare Wage Trends by State

December marked the first time since April that wage trends indicated more states had decreases in healthcare pay compared to those with increases

It's time for radical recruitment in 2022

This webinar shares three radical strategies for recruiting new talent that can meet the current moment, with data to prove their effectiveness.

COVID-19 RN Licensure Changes - July 2020

Due to the national staffing shortage caused by coronavirus some states have waived licensure requirements.

Resource Pools White Paper

Learn more about the benefits of using innovative recruitment technology to address the growing nurse shortage.

Recruitment Needs a Refresh

Learn more about hiring challenges and opportunities for improvement in the future.

How Vivian Health is Helping Staff the Front Lines of COVID-19

Learn all about Vivian Health and all we're doing to help healthcare workers on the frontlines

Finding the Exact Candidates You’re Looking For is Easier than ever with Vivian Health’s New Talent Pool

Vivian Health helps you connect with qualified candidates that are actively looking for work and place them in jobs they love.

Connecting With and Keeping Track of All-star Candidates Just Got Easier

Want to connect with qualified candidates and easily move them through the recruitment process? Vivian's Universal Profiles and Chat features can help.

October 2021 Healthcare Wage Trends by State

The decline in COVID-19 cases have potentially played a role in fewer states receiving a wage increase, compared to September.

September 2021 Healthcare Wage Trends by State

Although health workers continue to grapple with the third wave, the amount of cases have dipped while wages have increased.

November 2021 Healthcare Wage Trends by State

Healthcare wages for nurses in continue to trend upwards in most states but wage trends also show that these increases are becoming increasingly smaller

From the Frontlines: Tackling Racism and Inequity in the Health Workforce

The National Black Nurses Association and Vivian Health outlined three areas in which the healthcare ecosystem can empower Black medical professionals.

Election 2020: What Issues are Important for Nurses

Learn more about some of the top issues for nurses during the 2020 election.

Anders Group pivots its business and increases recruiter productivity with Vivian Health

See how Vivian helped Anders Group become a stronger organization by increasing recruiter productivity and diversifying its talent pool.

July 2021 Healthcare Wage Trends by State

The Delta variant meant that demand for healthcare travel workers increased in most states in July 2021. See where wage rates increased and decreased.

August 2021 Healthcare Wage Trends by State

Numerous hospitals continue to be short-staffed and are scrambling to hire more workers, which often translates to higher healthcare wages.

Which hospitals are mandating COVID vaccines for staff?

Hospitals around the nation are issuing mandates for COVID-19 vaccines to their workforce due to the Delta variant.

4 Ways to Improve Home Health Recruitment

Home health agencies need a high volume of HHAs, CNAs, and RNs in order to serve their patients. Learn four ways to reach those professionals.

Win up to $500 in the new "Top Recruiters" program

Earn up to $500 by placing candidates from Vivian. Submit and place candidates for your chance to win!

Free mental health resources for frontline workers

Check out some of these great mental health resources for frontline workers.

Vivian Health empowers ARMStaffing and its recruiters

See how ARMStaffing increased recruiter productivity, gained more visibility for their agency, and expanded their travel division nationally using Vivian Health.

How AHC Staffing streamlined its recruiting process and increased ROI with NurseFly

See how AHC Staffing quickly streamlined its recruiting process and increased ROI with Vivian Health. Want to boost recruiter productivity? Vivian Health can help.

What’s it like to be a travel nurse right now? – A June 2020 guide to travel nursing

If you're interested in travel nursing, we discuss what nurses can do to enhance the chances of getting placed at their desired travel position.

REPORT: The Impact of COVID-19 on Healthcare Workers

We surveyed over 1,380 nurses and healthcare professionals about hospital conditions, PPE, preparedness, and more regarding COVID-19.

Your Vivian Health Team is Evolving

At NurseFly, we are highly focused on bringing on top talent while giving them the opportunity to grow their careers and impact rapidly.

How Health Systems are Leveraging Technology to Improve Talent Recruitment, Retention, and Their Bottom Lines

Learn how health systems are leveraging technology to improve talent recruitment, retention, and their bottom lines.

Need for nurses in Indiana during pandemic raises their prospects for higher pay

Indiana's rise in cases means there is a need for traveling nurses here in Indiana.

Demand for ICU nurses is up 281% as hot spots surge across the country

With the COVID- 19 cases on the rise, the demand for ICU is surging in hot spots across the country.

How the Pandemic is Changing the Way Healthcare Staffing Agencies Prepare for Crisis

The pandemic has changed staffing worldwide. Learn more about how healthcare staffing agencies is tackling this crisis.

Congratulations to Our Agency Partners Who Made SIA's 2020 List of Fastest-Growing US Staffing Firms

Shoutout to Vivian Health's agency partners who made SIA's Fastest-Growing US Firms list for 2020! It's an honor to support you and your growth.

Vivian Health helps Voca’s recruiters get more placements and time back in their day

See how Vivian Health helped Voca's recruiters get more placements and time back in their day. Need to simplify your recruiting process? Vivian can help.

Product Update: Supercharge Your Recruiting Process with Premium Leads

Fill your pipeline with quality healthcare professionals. Improve your speed to submission and your entire recruiting process with Vivian's premium leads.

NurseFly is now Vivian Health

Vivian Health, formerly NurseFly, is making healthcare jobs work for all kinds of healthcare professionals and the people who hire them

5 Ways to Improve the Healthcare Candidate Experience

It's a healthcare jobseeker's market. To hire top talent, employers must improve their healthcare candidate experience.

Day in the Life: COVID-19 ICU Nurse

The typical day of an ICU nurse is stressful and fast-paced. Take a deep dive into the day in the life of an ICU nurse.

2020 Healthcare Staffing Study: How COVID-19 has affected pay and demand.

With over 11M COVID19 Cases in the US in 2020, the pandemic has rapidly changed the dynamics of demand and pay within healthcare.

A New Launchpad to Supercharge Your Recruiting Process: Introducing Our New Recruiter Dashboard

NurseFly's new Recruiter Dashboard gives you a bird's eye view of everything you need to be even more amazing at your job in one easy place.

From the Frontlines: Impact of COVID-19 on Healthcare Workers

Nurses have been on the frontlines fighting this pandemic head on. We've put together key finding to highlight the nurse experience around the country.

State of the Healthcare Workforce 2021

Learn how nurses are feeling about their profession in 2021.

One-Year In: What’s Next for America’s Healthcare Workers

Nurses share how they feel about the state of healthcare, their mental health and wellness, benefits and compensation, COVID-19, and more.

Employer Spotlight: University of Miami Health System

University of Miami Health System is using Vivian Health to hire key clinical roles.

Why Healthcare Needs a Transparent Jobs Marketplace

At a time when healthcare workers are in higher demand than ever, it's critical that they have all the information they need to choose a role.

2020 Wage Trends Report

See key findings from Vivian Health's data center to understand market trends, given the rising demand and competition for qualified staff.

Permanent Staffing White Paper

With more RNs fleeing the healthcare profession, healthcare facilities need a game plan for permanent staffing.

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