NurseFly is now Vivian Health

Today, NurseFly is changing its name to Vivian Health.

We’re taking this leap because our vision goes beyond travel nursing. We want to make all kinds of healthcare jobs— permanent positions, per-diem, local contracts, and yes, travel jobs—work for all kinds of healthcare workers and the people who hire them.

Healthcare professionals deserve better.

In 2020, healthcare professionals played a critical role serving our country and the world during the COVID-19 public health crisis ensuring that patients everywhere were taken care of. At Vivian, we’re committed to serving those who serve others, and to understanding exactly what healthcare professionals need as they navigate the often complicated and tiring healthcare job search process.

We started our journey by bringing more transparency and increased access to the opaque and sometimes confusing travel nursing industry. Over the past few years, we’ve connected hundreds of thousands of healthcare professionals to new job opportunities by providing them more access to honest, transparent, and real-time information. As we expand our marketplace and our mission, we’re committing to a relentless focus on healthcare professionals’ needs in order to build the jobs marketplace that works for them.

We’re reimagining how this works for recruiters, too.

This is a two-sided problem. The system has pitted healthcare professionals against healthcare recruiters for too long. The problem isn’t healthcare professionals, and it’s not recruiters. It’s the system. The way we’ve done healthcare jobs in America hasn’t worked for anyone. Vivian represents an entirely new model built on transparency, speed, and matching. With us, recruiters spend less time shuffling papers and more time engaging with relevant clinicians, making this entire industry work faster.

It shouldn’t cost this much or take this long.

One in eight individuals in the United States works in healthcare, and hiring a single one of them can take months and cost tens of thousands of dollars. Imagine a future where every healthcare professional can find their perfect job with the press of a button. Where every single patient gets the care they need, because every position is perfectly staffed. Imagine technology that can cut through the noise, slash the bloated costs and the lengthy timelines of the American healthcare system, and you’ve started to imagine what we’re building every day. With increasing clinician turnover, short-staffed facilities, and a rise in burnout amongst healthcare professionals, the need for Vivian’s solution to reduce the time to hire and the cost to hire for America’s healthcare hiring system has never been more evident.

We’re obsessed with the truth.

In the end, Vivian’s not-so-secret weapon is the truth. It’s what makes us tick. We were the first in the industry to post salaries for every position. Our search tools help people understand the truth about thousands of job positions, and we developed the Universal Profile to become the single source of truth on healthcare professionals’ credentials. We’re bringing radical transparency to all healthcare professionals and to the people who hire them.

We’re rebuilding the way that America finds healthcare work—one job at a time. 

The name Vivian comes from two Latin roots: “Viv,” meaning “life,” and “-ian,” meaning “worker.” So Vivian means “life worker.”  Our new name is a nod to those who work to give life to others, and it captures our mission of building the definitive jobs marketplace that serves all healthcare professionals. With over 1,000,000 job applications facilitated already, we’re well on our way to helping fix America’s healthcare recruiting system.

We’re Vivian, and we’re fixing how America finds healthcare work.

Parth Bhakta

Parth Bhakta

Parth is the CEO & Founder of Vivian Health

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