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New Product Feature: Find Quality Candidates More Easily with Vivian VIP

The staffing shortages within the industry have created a competitive landscape for finding great talent. Recruiters need better ways to identify quality candidates and work towards shortening time to hire. To solve this issue, Vivian is launching Vivian VIP.



A better way to identify quality candidates 

Clinicians are now given badges that are displayed under the “Achievements” section on the candidate profile. These badges highlight Vivian candidates who have used Vivian for a previous placement. This allows them to receive priority treatment and be given more visibility to recruiters looking to fill jobs quickly with quality candidates. 


Here’s what’s new

  • Achievement badges: recruiters can quickly identify previously placed candidates. Badges on profiles will allow recruiters to know which candidates are most qualified. 

  • VIP Candidates Inbox: recruiters have a dedicated section in their inbox to chat with VIP candidates. 

What this means for agency partners

When these badged clinicians apply for a job posting, their application and conversations with recruiters appear at the top of the recruiter inbox in the “VIP Candidates” inbox. This distinction allows recruiters to prioritize clinicians based on their qualifications and responsiveness. 

These features boast tons of benefits for recruiters. The badge highlights Vivian candidates who have used Vivian for a previous placement and encourages clinicians to work with the same recruiters for future placements. 


Why does this make a difference in healthcare staffing?

Vivian continues to create innovative solutions to assist our agency partners in placing quality candidates faster. Although our industry continues to struggle with critical staffing shortages, our goal is to ensure that clinicians are empowered to find their next role, and that our partners have a streamlined process to find and place these candidates. 

By creating a consistent pattern with returning clinicians, recruiters will shorten the hiring process with quick recognition of viable candidates.

If you’re looking for a more efficient way to find quality candidates, get started by scheduling a demo.  


Karina Jackson

Karina Jackson

Karina Jackson is the B2B Marketing Specialist at Vivian Health. She aims to equip recruiters with informational resources to aid them in their roles as we work together to empower healthcare professionals.

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