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License Verification Help Desk

How does License Status Verification Work?

There are now two ways for licensure status to be verified on Vivian: manual or automatic verification. 

In automated license status verification, all new incoming applications for RN candidates that have an RN license listed on their profile will have their license status verified automatically upon application. To use this feature, contact your dedicated customer success manager. 

To manually verify license status, go to the candidate’s profile. In the “Licenses” section of the profile, you’ll find the uploaded license(s) and will be able to download immediately. Under the license card(s), the “Verify licenses” button will submit all supported licenses for status verification at the same time.



Once licenses have finished status verification, we’ll display the license status within each license card. You will be able to see when the licenses’ statuses were last verified, whether the licenses are active or inactive, and the license number. Depending on the jurisdiction, license status can be verified as quickly as a couple minutes or up to 24 hours. Vivian sends the candidate’s information to the state's licensing board directly to verify each license status. You’ll also have the option to download the status details. 

This feature does not guarantee the license is currently active. It can only verify the current license’s status. A status can include active, expired, invalid, revoked.


What’s the criteria for a successful status verification?

To have their license status verified successfully, the candidate must meet the following criteria: 

  • Candidates must be an RN
  • Candidates have entered a license entry that include their License Number, License Type (must be RN), and State

After status verification is complete, the appropriate state licensing board will send back a PDF screenshot confirming whether or not the license is active.

What happens if a license is not active?

If a license check is successful but the license is inactive, the license information card will display that information as well as any information reported back to Vivian about why the license is inactive.  For example, the license card may note that the license is “expired,” “revoked,” or “excluded.”  Candidates cannot see their verification status, so it is the responsibility of the recruiter to notify candidates regarding their license status. 


What happens if a license check is unsuccessful or no status was returned?

If a license check is unsuccessful, the license will show up as “License not verified”. Candidates cannot see their verification status, so it is the responsibility of the recruiter to notify candidates regarding their license status. 

What does this mean for you?

License status verification helps you shorten time to hire while also ensuring quality and accuracy. Invest more time on qualified candidates with updated licenses and make more informed decisions on the candidates submitted for placement. What used to be a time-consuming process now only takes a few minutes and can be done in one click on the Vivian platform.

Karina Jackson

Karina Jackson

Karina Jackson is the B2B Marketing Specialist at Vivian Health. She aims to equip recruiters with informational resources to aid them in their roles as we work together to empower healthcare professionals.

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