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Workforce Optimization: A Conversation with Dr. Therese Fitzpatrick

Nurse staffing is the major work environment issue impacting nurses’ desire to seek a new position. In this webinar, workforce optimization expert Dr. Therese A. Fitzpatrick provides recommendations for how to best optimize your workforce for successful outcomes. 


In this webinar, she sets out to answer:

  • Why is workforce optimization the best way for nurse staffing and what are the resulting outcomes?

  • How do healthcare organizations work with companies to implement workforce optimization?

  • What is the best way to manage scheduling for core staff and float pool nurses?

About Vivian Health

Vivian Health is the online marketplace for clinical talent. Our mission is to empower every healthcare professional to find their perfect job opportunity, faster and easier than ever before.

We know healthcare hiring is broken. The problem isn’t workers, and it’s not recruiters. It’s the system. Vivian represents an entirely new model built on transparency, speed, and matching. With us, recruiters spend less time digging through resumes and more time actually engaging with qualified candidates.

We want to make all kinds of healthcare jobs—permanent, per-diem, local contracts, and travel—accessible for all kinds of healthcare workers and the people who hire them. We’re rebuilding the way that America hires for healthcare—one job at a time.

Start hiring or find your next job, with Vivian.

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