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Vivian Health helps Voca’s recruiters get more placements and time back in their day

“Vivian is a trusted brand for healthcare professionals. I can message candidates in real-time using the chat feature and get a 50% response rate at least. I’d hire almost all of them - they’re highly qualified candidates. The amount of time I’ve saved in my recruiting process is a night and day difference.”

- Ashley Felten, Healthcare Recruiter at Voca



  1. Recruiters struggled to source qualified candidates for healthcare travel assignments 
  2. Getting in touch with actively seeking healthcare professionals was painful 
  3. Lots of time was being wasted vetting and submitting candidates’ information for jobs 
  4. Spending time and money on other platforms that generated zero ROI


  1.  Tripled their number of placements compared to other channels
  2.  Engaged 2500 candidates in 6 months and achieved a 50%+ response rate on outbound activity
  3.  Increased recruiter productivity with more time for relationship building and training
  4. 10x gross profit ROI on contracts from candidates sourced through Vivian 

Voca is a national relationship organization focused on uniting talented individuals with exceptional companies. Their slogan, “the spirit of work,” speaks to their belief that better careers result in happier people, which is why they’re committed to guiding every candidate on a fulfilling career path. 

Headquartered in Rochester, Minnesota, Voca has several branches and has been growing its healthcare division. 

“I work with a lot of travelers who are going on 13-week assignments to new facilities,” says Ashley Felten, lead recruiter for Voca’s healthcare branch.

With things moving so quickly in the industry, Voca needed a solution to help them connect with active and high-quality candidates quickly while simplifying their entire recruiting process. Ashley’s team tried multiple platforms to help improve their metrics and productivity, but nothing generated the results they wanted until they found Vivian Health.

“Being able to get in front of actively seeking healthcare professionals and message them in real-time is huge”, says Ashley. “Vivian’s Universal Profiles make travelers’ information and qualifications readily available so we can easily submit them for jobs, saving us so much time.”

Connecting recruiters with high-quality candidates in real-time

Before Vivian, the healthcare team at Voca was relying on job boards to source candidates, but those lists were never updated. “It’s very limited in healthcare because you need something that constantly updates resumes and has qualifications readily available," says Ashley. 

“I’d spend 80% of my day trying to find candidates that ended up being unqualified or outright ghosting me.” 

Even with all those job boards, Ashley’s hire ratio was slim to none. “I would hire 10 candidates using all those boards in a three-month period versus the 30+ candidates I’ve now hired in the same time frame using Vivian.”

Aside from all the lost time sourcing, candidate turnover was also an issue. Other platforms made it difficult to effectively vet and chat with candidates, which led to some bad fits and ROI for the staffing agency. 

“We did a one month trial with Vivian and it was phenomenal,” says Ashley. “Travelers upload all their documents beforehand into their Universal Profiles so there’s no more putting packets together!” Having everything already filled out with a skills checklist means Ashley doesn’t need to hound candidates anymore with additional questions, a process that often made them drop off.

A streamlined recruiting process that saves time and money 

Travelers are busy and rarely have the time or patience for phone calls, which is why Ashley loves Vivian’s real-time chat feature. “Communication from candidates getting back to me was a night and day difference,” she explains. “Being able to use the chat feature to text candidates is a game-changer because they’re engaged and it keeps the conversation open.” Candidates get automatic reminders about positions on Vivian with all the information they need and reach back out when they’re available. 

The team also loves how Vivian syncs with their applicant tracking system software, Ceipal, so they can easily post a job and then remove it when the position is filled, which saves them time. Instead of jumping between tools and platforms, they have everything they need in one place.

“Vivian is so organized - you can sort by location, specialty, and everything is always up-to-date. We can filter through exactly what we need which saves us so much time - we don’t waste time on other job boards now.”

Casey Fuller, VP at Voca, poignantly said, “in recruiting a day is a lifetime for a job to be open.” Given how quickly positions fill, turnaround time is huge. That’s why he loves how Vivian helps his team utilize their time better. “Having documents already uploaded and being able to speak with candidates quickly increase our speed to submission and placement rates,” says Casey. 

“For someone who is responsible for making expenditures and setting the budget, it’s refreshing to be able to confidently say we’re getting more than 10x returns from this platform.” 

Vivian has helped Voca’s healthcare division expand its footprint by getting better candidates in more jobs. “We’ve been on three other platforms, spent thousands of dollars, and got zero ROI from them”, says Casey. “With Vivian, Ashley has had 20+ starts in the last ninety days alone”.

With more time on her plate, Ashley’s been able to consistently follow up with clients and make sure their needs are being met. “I have 60 people working for me right now and I like to follow up with them weekly to check-in, but it takes time.” Now that Vivian has simplified Ashley’s workflow, she has more time to spend on these relationship-building efforts and training other recruiters.

“Since I started using Vivian it’s continued to improve,” says Ashley. “We invested in it and it continues to pay off - I recommend it to everyone.”


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Arielle Schnaidman

Arielle Schnaidman

Hey there! I'm a marketer at Vivian. Our team is committed to connecting healthcare staffing agencies with high-quality candidates actively seeking travel placements. Our goal? To streamline your entire recruiting process. I'd love to hear from you - share your thoughts in the comments!

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