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REPORT: The Impact of COVID-19 on Healthcare Workers

As we enter a resurgence of COVID-19, we continue to read, hear, and in the experience of healthcare workers, witness, the devastating nationwide effects of the coronavirus pandemic. We’ve seen thousands of nurses around the country continue to rise up and help areas hardest hit, but not without challenges to nursing and perils across health systems nationwide. As state governments navigate the obstacles of local reopening timelines, the impact of loosening quarantine restrictions on the healthcare system and nurses is still uncertain.

80,000+ Healthcare professionals have joined Vivian Health to help the fight against COVID-19 since March 1st, 2020.


A few key trends we’re tracking as the healthcare work environment is reaching new levels of volatility:

  • Emergency Licensing opening up nurses to help around the country (subject to change if states revoke their emergency declarations).
  • Job security is at risk, with stories of nurses losing employment due to declines in hospital revenue. We’ve also seen widespread cancellations of travel nurse contracts in some locations.
  • Healthcare workers continue to step up to defend stay-at-home orders amidst protests.

In today’s climate, our nation’s healthcare workers are our most important asset, as they bring not only critical patient care, but an unmatched dedication to our safety and well-being. Amidst the crisis, we’ve seen bright spots as nurses band together in celebration of recovered patients, or even getting into character for patients entering the hospital.

Since the beginning of COVID-19, we’ve also heard increasing concerns from the travel nurse community as they confront conflicting information on conditions in hospitals, job security, and personal safety. While there is a desire to take action and join the frontlines, travel nurses are uncertain about what they will face once they begin the assignment.

As part of our mission to bring transparency to healthcare workers and take stock of nurses' experiences dealing with COVID-19, we wanted to bring to light what our community is experiencing on the front lines.

We surveyed over 1,380 nurses and healthcare professionals from our community about hospital conditions, PPE, preparedness, and the state of communications from national and local officials. We asked for details on stress levels, and how they feel about their personal safety following COVID-19 assignments.


We’ve put together a few key findings to highlight the nurse experience around the country. Access the full report here




Arielle Schnaidman

Arielle Schnaidman

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