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Connecting With and Keeping Track of All-star Candidates Just Got Easier

Recruiters are focused on two things: connecting with the perfect candidates for their jobs and efficiently moving them through the recruitment process so they can place them. Vivian Health has always been committed to helping recruiters connect with qualified, actively-seeking candidates in real-time and streamlining the process of placing them in the perfect role.

Figuring out if a candidate has the right work experience and qualifications is often a bottleneck for recruiters; sifting through stale resumes and having to go through lots back and forth with candidates to gather all of the required documents to submit them successfully is challenging. This is why Vivian's Universal Profiles feature has been a favorite among recruiters. With Universal Profiles, recruiters can see right away if the candidates they’re connecting with are qualified for their specific jobs because all their work history, certifications, and skills are already listed in their profile.

New candidate profiles: good for candidates, great for recruiters

The more information recruiters have off the bat about candidates, the faster they can move them through the process and submit them. To improve this experience even further, Vivian launched its new profile for candidates.



This new design creates a better experience for candidates, enticing them to provide even more information upfront. This is good for candidates because it helps them land their perfect role more easily and it’s even better for recruiters because it gives them more information to work with to submit them faster. Now recruiters will know even faster when they’ve connected with an all-star candidate for their job. 

See how your engagements are really tracking

Once you’ve connected with the perfect candidates for your jobs, you need to manage all those engagements effectively as you move them through the recruitment process. Being able to manage all of your candidate conversations in one place makes it easy to stay on top of everyone you’re actively engaged with, which is why Vivian’s Chat feature is so popular. Our real-time messaging tools help recruiters connect with candidates directly while keeping all of their engagements accessible and visible in the Chat dashboard. This helps them streamline their process, be more productive, and place more candidates since they can move faster without anything falling through the cracks. 

Ashley Felten, Healthcare Recruiter at Voca says, “being able to use the chat feature to message candidates is a game-changer because they’re engaged and it keeps the conversation open”.

Previously, recruiters could keep track of their engagements in Chat by seeing which were marked as “active” or marking conversations that went cold as “inactive”. To mark a candidate as “submitted” or “placed” required them to end the chat first, which wasn’t something recruiters always wanted to do.

Both recruiters and the heads of their departments wanted to see how conversations were progressing without having to end the conversations. Keeping those conversations open allows them to build relationships over time. 

We believe in the power of strong relationships, so we added some new functionality to our Chat dashboard to give recruiters a better sense of their conversation metrics while keeping conversations open for future opportunities. 




Now recruiters can mark candidates as “submitted” or “placed” without ending the conversation. This helps them see how all of their candidate engagements are tracking so they can understand where to focus their efforts in your recruiting process. 

Recruiters can click into any candidate conversation and see the “submissions and placements” section in their profile that shows when they were placed, their start date, and the location of the job, at a glance.




If a recruiter feels a candidate is unqualified, sent a negative response, or they’ve gone cold, they can still choose to end the conversation to keep their conversations and pipeline organized and maintain their most active chats. Otherwise, this new functionality improves recruiters’ visibility of success by facilitating more reporting of candidate submissions and placements and helps higher-level management see higher ROI. 

Have questions? Reach out to your Vivian account manager - they’d be happy to help. New to Vivian Health? Learn more here.


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Arielle Schnaidman

Arielle Schnaidman

Hey there! I'm a marketer at Vivian. Our team is committed to connecting healthcare staffing agencies with high-quality candidates actively seeking travel placements. Our goal? To streamline your entire recruiting process. I'd love to hear from you - share your thoughts in the comments!

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